Who are we?

We are the UTS Gamers Guild (GG); a student-run society aiming to provide a fun and exciting place for all to come, play and talk about all types of games. Our mission is to provide the whole Sydney community a place to connect with others who share their passion and interest in gaming or are interested in getting more involved into games and the gaming community.
You can sign up to the club through the ActivateUTS website here.
All you need to do is create an account through that website and pay the fee of $5 for UTS students or $25 for non-students via PayPal / online card payments.
Here at GG we play all types of games. And we mean ALL types of games; PC games (MMOs, RPG’s, JRPG’s, MOBA’s, RTS’), Console games (Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo), Board games (simple and complex), RP games (D&D, Pathfinder, WoD, Shadowrun), Card games (Magic: The Gathering, Legendary Encounters); any and all types of games and gamers are welcome!
If you have any questions about anything please send an email to gamersguild@activateuts.com.au. Don’t forget to also join our discord!


We do not limit ourselves here at GG; within our society exists a multitude of tight knit communities formed through both our regular weekly events and our special events. These events include our weekend long LAN parties, tabletop nights, RP Dungeon Crawls and many more! Not to mention we regularly collaborate with various other UTS Societies, Universities and public gaming groups. Be sure to check our calander below to keep up to date on our special events!

3pm – 11pm (Harry Heath Room)

Interested in playing some multiplayer PC games? Come on down and enjoy some multiplayer fun! No need to bring your own set up, we have our own fully decked out fleet of 10 computers!

5pm – 10pm (The Concourse)

Sydney Smash is an external organisation that has partnered with GG to run weekly Smash tournaments here at UTS. Join their discord for more information about how to sign up to the weekly brackets! https://discord.gg/KvWUuK6

3pm – 11pm (Harry Heath Room)

Magic: The Gathering reigns on Wednesday nights! Here at GG we play friendly EDH/Commander. We have a library of decks for you to choose from or you can bring your own! Any and all skill levels welcome!

12pm – 3pm (Concourse)

Every Thursday GG will be up on the UTS Building One Concourse with all of our consoles set up for people to come by and play some console games!

3pm – 11pm (Harry Heath Room)

If you’re interested in coming in to play some boardgames, card games, or any other non-electronic game then Thursday nights are the night for you!

3pm – 11pm (Harry Heath Room)

Unwind at the end of the working week with a chill night at GG. Whatever you feel like playing tonight whether it be electronic or non-electronic, you will be able to!

11am – 11pm (Harry Heath Room)

Grab your pencils and your dice for Saturday is roleplay day! Come on in with a group ready to roll! Feel free to use our library of Roleplay books across various systems to run any game you like!

11am – 11pm (Harry Heath Room)

You all loved tabletop gaming so much, we gave you a second day in the week for it! Once again come on in for a day full of boardgames, card games or any other non-electronic game.

No event found!

The Exec


Name: Jacob Discord: redwombat
Email: president@gamersguild.activateuts.com.au
Responsibilities: The President is the face of the society! They work with the other Execs to ensure the guild runs smoothly whilst also being the primary representative of the guild!


Name: Matthew Discord: Outtime1
Email: treasurer@gamersguild.activateuts.com.au
Responsibilities: The Treasurer manages all our funds! They approve all purchases and monitor our credits and debits so that we can raise the money needed to keep our equipment up to date while having the extra we need to run events for our members!


Name: Jordan Discord: BullTrollApe
Email: secretary@gamersguild.activateuts.com.au
Responsibilities: The Secretary is responsible for making sure everything gets done! They keep minutes of all meetings, manage communication amongst Exec and are also the secondary representative of the guild!

Events Master

Name: – Discord: –
Email: eventsmaster@gamersguild.activateuts.com.au
Responsibilities: The Events Master manages and oversees all events! They ensure all our venues are booked, organise grants and ensure each event has everything it needs to run smoothly.


Name: Aabhii Discord: STARRACE
Email: producer@gamersguild.activateuts.com.au
Responsibilities: The Producer is our head of social media! They manage and upkeep our social medias, as well as handle member complaints and act as a networker helping to build and maintain our relationships with sponsors and external gaming groups!